2000 Dodge Dakota No heat/heater core question


Heater problem
2000 Dodge Dakota V6 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

My brother has a 2000 Dakota with no heat. He brought it over to my
>house Sunday. When the engine is warm, you get heat for about 5 seconds
>when you first turn the heat on, but then it cools cool again. Felt the
>heater core hoses, one was warm the other was not. Took one hose off
>and coolant seemed to go through the core, but not sure if it is fast
>enough. I took the two hoses off and poured several cups of water in
>and blew it out with compressed air. (It was raining hard outside and I
>could not use a hose). For what it is worth the coolant in this system
>is brown and almost looks like mud.

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 AT 1:36 PM

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Well if the coolant is that color, it's a sinch this will be the first time the cooling system has seen a flush, Rig up a flush tee, flush entire system, 2 or 3 times! Run engine a bit between each flush, to try and clean the block, then flush just the core using the flush tee at the inlet and outlet hoses until it runs clear. Heater cores are tough to clean, good luck! New thermostat while the system is empty won't hurt either, Both heater hoses should be HOT not just warm!

Was this
Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 AT 1:45 PM

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