2000 Dodge Caravan Tools

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 125,000 MILES
What are the tools needed to remove power brake booster?
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No special tools needed
Step by step to remove it
Release vacuum from power brake booster by pumping brake pedal several times with engine off until brake pedal becomes firm. Disconnect battery cables from battery. Remove battery guard and battery. Remove air inlet resonator and hoses as an assembly from throttle body and air cleaner housing.
On models with cruise control, disconnect electrical connector at cruise control servo. Disconnect vacuum hoses from cruise control servo and vacuum reservoir on battery tray. Remove cruise control servo mounting bracket-to-battery tray bolt. Slide mounting bracket forward and unhook from battery tray. Remove mounting bracket and cruise control servo.
On all models, remove bolts/nuts and battery tray. Disconnect electrical connector at brake fluid level sensor located on master cylinder fluid reservoir. Remove wiring harness bracket from studs on driver-side strut tower.
Clean master cylinder-to-power brake booster area to prevent dirt particles from falling into power brake booster. Remove clip attaching drain hose on brakeline at master cylinder. Remove drain hose from windshield wiper module.
Remove master cylinder-to-power brake booster nuts, slide master cylinder from power brake booster with brakelines attached, and secure aside. Disconnect vacuum hose from check valve on power brake booster. DO NOT remove check valve from power brake booster.
Remove power brake booster rod-to-brake pedal pin retaining clip by positioning a small screwdriver between center tang on retaining clip. Rotate screwdriver enough to allow retaining clip center tang to pass over end of brake pedal pin. Pull retaining clip from brake pedal pin. Discard retaining clip. Disconnect brake booster rod from brake pedal pin.
On models with ABS, remove mounting nuts securing Controller Anti-Lock Brake (CAB) on power brake booster mounting studs, near brake pedal. Lay CAB aside with electrical connector installed on CAB.
On all models, remove power brake booster-to-firewall nuts located below dash panel, near steering column and brake pedal bracket. From engine compartment, slide power brake booster forward until booster clears studs, and then tilt upward and toward center of vehicle to remove.
CAUTION:DO NOT pry master cylinder-to-power brake booster vacuum seal from master cylinder by inserting sharp tool between master cylinder and vacuum seal.

Remove master cylinder-to-power brake booster vacuum seal from groove on mounting flange of master cylinder by pulling vacuum seal from master cylinder. DO NOT pry vacuum seal from master cylinder.
CAUTION:DO NOT attempt to disassemble power brake booster. Power brake booster is serviced only as a complete unit. Master cylinder-to-power brake booster vacuum seal must always be replaced. DO NOT reuse vacuum seal. Ensure vacuum seal is squarely installed in groove on mounting flange of master cylinder.
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