1996 Dodge Caravan no start no spark

1996 Dodge Caravan

Does anyone know what do I do next for 96 dodge caravan 3.8L Our van went dead, had it towed home. Made quick check, had to replace coil pack. Van started and ran for about 2 weeks. BOOM. Went dead again, made visual check of van and everything looked ok. Coil pack, crank sensor, cam sensor etc. All checked out ok. Had check engine light code 353.I checked wiring system, noticed RED/YELLOW wire (ignition coil cyl. 3 and 6 driv) from computer to coil pack was giving me a grounded signal, so I disconnected the RED/YELLOW wire from plug, and the van started with misfire. Was advised to replace computer. Computer was replaced with rebuilt one. Now I get a grounded signal from the GRAY wire (ignition coil cyl. 1 and 4 driv) from computer to coil pack. RED/YELLOW wire is ok with NEW computer but still have misfire.
. When all 4 wires are plugged in, from computer to coil pack, van will not start with either computer. Lost at this point. HELP! Thanx in advance=)
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Saturday, September 27th, 2008 AT 2:48 AM

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Researching a similar problem with a Caravan I found your post. Wonder if you were able to find the problem for the no spark. I wish you did. If you did so, I'd very much appreciate if you tell me what you found or what the solution was. Sounds to me that first all grounds have to be checked and spark plug wires replaced. I'm on that.
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Monday, November 24th, 2008 AT 4:36 AM

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