Dash lights issues, brakes, steering, starting

  • 158,000 MILES
Been having the following Issues:

*Traction, ABS & Brake lights keep going on & off on the dash at intermittent times. Seems to happen when car sits for a while and when first started. When you drive it for a while or turn it off, sometimes it goes away then.

*Car is sometimes hard to start & runs erratic

*Brakes are hard to stop car – feels like air in the lines?

*Brake lights are having issues – all bulbs have been replaced, a couple still won’t work
sometimes the brake lights are real dim or don’t work at all, then other times they work fine, except for the couple that won’t light at all.

*Car is hard to steer sometimes, this is a big issue when coupled with the braking problems at the same time.

Today, she came out of school study – the car started ok. She put her foot on brake & put car in reverse, car went back okay. Then went to put foot on brake to put car in drive – pedal wouldn’t go down (like brakes stuck) & steering wouldn’t move. Kept pushing on brake pedal, finally went down just enough to put car into drive. Switched into drive, went to give the car gas, the car wouldn’t move and the dash gauges weren’t moving either. Once again she kept pushing down on the brake pedal it moved a little so she was able to put the car in park. She then tried to turn the car off, but the key wouldn’t move, she couldn’t turn it off. After she kept trying and trying, she finally got the key turned off. She took the key out and put it back in the ignition to turn the car on, this time the car wouldn’t start or do anything, the traction, ABS & battery lights were flashing on and off. She waited, then tried again and the car started right up again and seemed like everything was okay, except the brakes still feel like air in them, hard to stop, has to brake way before a stop, there seems to be plenty of pad left on the front brakes though. Then when she was driving it back towards school, she heard a loud pop on the left side of the car, like from the air vent, but didn’t smell anything burning?

Can ANYONE shine some light on what the heck is wrong with this car. We purchased for our daughter as a first car, it has 157K miles, but the engine and trans seem to run fine?
VERY confused as to how to proceed or what to have looked at?
Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 AT 8:59 AM

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Sounds like a couple of things, have it scanned for an abs problem first then have a pro check shift interlock /iginition switch adjustments. Also have it checked for a bad dash as they can go bad on you.
Was this
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 AT 12:18 PM

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