2004 Daewoo Kalos



April, 19, 2009 AT 2:33 AM

Electrical problem
2004 Daewoo Kalos 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 35000 miles

Hi all!

I would like to get a little help. I have the faliure code continuously 1384 (or 1382 I don't remember exactly). It is a failure message some kind of bad road sensor as I remember when last checked.
This sensor is on the left front wheel suspension.
The service where I were tell me they have a same car failure and the change of the sensor doesn't solve the problem.
I would like to clear the sensor from the car if it is possible. I would like to know it is enough to disconnect from wires, or I have to use some kind of resistance or something to close this line?

THanks in advance.


2 Answers


Dave H

September, 8, 2009 AT 5:19 AM

You cannot remove the sensor from the vehicle as it used by the PCM for variuos readings cutting the wires will still bring on the light. You need to check the wiring is not broken if the sensor has been replaced !



September, 13, 2009 AT 11:39 AM


Thanks for the answer. I still have the problem. Exactly I cannot find the sensor, I know it must be somewhere on the suspension or the block near the suspension. Do You know where can I found it?
The motor is B12S1 with servo and AC. I found a Manual for Kalos and saw a draw about the sensor position in it, but I couldn't found the sensor (or the empty place of it) in my car. Please help if You can.

Thanks in advance, hitman77

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