2001 Chrysler Town and Country



August, 10, 2010 AT 2:42 PM

Computer problem
2001 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 163608 miles

First off I have 5 codes displayed!

p1699 -- No CCD/J1850 Messages Received From The Climate Control Module (CCM)

p1684 -- battery d/c in 50 starts

p0135 -- o2 sensor

p1388 -- Auto Shutdown (ASD) Relay Control Circuit Open Or Shorted

p1491 -- Radiator Fan Control Relay Circuit Open Or Shorted

i think the first one id like to get taken care of is the 1699 code. Seeing how that is the only one that actually has a noticable problem. Ive tried researching but having no luck. Our radio/cd player works fine but the climate control does not. We can turn the fans on but we cant actually hit the power button or the ac on. And our outdoor temperature screen does not come on as well. Any help will be appreciated! Thank you!


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August, 10, 2010 AT 6:44 PM

Just hooked up my uncles scanner and came up with these. ( ET105 MAC TOOLS OBDII )

0700 -- Transmission Control System Malfunction
0135 -- O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 1)
1491 -- Radiator Fan Control Relay Circuit
1768 -- transmission control relay circuit problem
1782 -- *** I CAN NOT FIND THIS CODE ***

DID WE SERIOUSLY JUST STUMBLE INTO A P.O.S. VAN? It drives fine though! Looks great!

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