2001 Chrysler Sebring



June, 14, 2009 AT 10:16 AM

Air Conditioning problem
2001 Chrysler Sebring 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

when i run the air conditioner i get a water in the drivers floorwell. the passenger side stays dry. i've read where if the evaporater drain is clogged it will cause the passenger floor to get wet. my problem is i don't know anything about a/c in cars. do you have a diagram i could go by? the water seems to be coming from under the rubber mat under the carpet that is directly behind the floor pedals and leaking down to the floorwell.



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June, 14, 2009 AT 10:34 PM

Hello -

To better assist you is your model a Limited edition, or LX or LXi and please tell me your engine size in liter.



June, 15, 2009 AT 5:04 PM

It's a 6cyclinder. 3.0liter lxi



June, 15, 2009 AT 9:43 PM

Hello -

Thanks for the info.

Well, I went all through the manual and there isn't a good pic of what you need.......so..........

I had worked on a car not too long ago and took pics for someone else that I can attach.....the info and pics will give you an idea and get you in the right direction...........

Okay, let's start inside the car first........


The pic above is the HVAC assemble...........you have one too.....it sits under the dash and goes from about the gas pedal probably to the end of the dash on the passenger side.

If you notice the red arrow........that is the Evaporator drain hole.....As the AC runs the condensation on the Evaporator inside the car drains down into this low point then out this drain hole.....this is on the passenger side.

If the hose is disconnected or clogged or blocked....the water will fill and leak out.......as it appears to be.


This is the outside of the housing, the outside part that the hole is connected to and it shows you the tube that the rubber drain hose goes on.


The next pic is on the passenger side.......see the rubber drain hose.....that connects to the drain....you should be able to put your hand up under there on the passenger side and feel it..........possible...........that goes into the engine bay through the firewall.........

See the arrow....that points to your AC lines in your engine bay that connect to the evaporator.....this will give you an idea where to look in the engine bay.


Sorry...not a good pic but should get you in the right area. Okay....now that you have an idea of what you are looking for.....open the hood and look on the passengers side on the firewall.....in my pic the circle shows the AC lines that go into the evaportator that is in the HVAC housing.

Okay, look down lower from that where the red arrow is going and you are looking for a rubber or hard plastic 90 degree hose that comes out of the firewall and points down.....it may be hard to see.....that is your drain hose.

It may be clogged with dirt or something........you can gently put something up it or blow air into it...........but be easy.......if you poke something too far you could puncture the evaporator....that would be VERY bad. Too much air pressure could cause you problems too.

Try this and see what you find and let me know..........



June, 16, 2009 AT 8:49 PM

Thanks very much for the diagrams I should be able to figure it out now. Again thanks for your help.



June, 16, 2009 AT 10:07 PM

Hello -

You are more than welcome. Please let me know what you find out. This way others can benefit from your findings.

Good luck.



June, 16, 2009 AT 10:11 PM

Hey one more thing.

Also, it looks like you may have some recalls on your vehicle. The dealer may fix these for free. Please contact the dealer service department, give them the VIN number of your car and have them check on these to see if they apply to you.


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