2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Engine crack/ blown head gasket re

  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 47,000 MILES
I recently had to take my car to the dodge dealer and explained that the car overheated- never red lined the car came close but did not red line, they got the heads off stated that the head gasket was blown. When the car was dropped off they were told to fix the car- they called told us that we had blown a head gasket we need to replace the radiator, water pump, hoses, plugs, head gasket, thermostat housing, thermostat, also they sent the heads to a machine shop- checked for cracks, leaks resurfaced the heads, honed 2 cylinders that were damaged and some other items, I get the car back- and 3 weeks later the car starts to overheat, I called Dodge (they gave me a 12k or 1yr warranty on their service done) after we spent 2800.00 for these items- car is back in the shop now, they have called and stated that my engine is cracked- or has a hole in it or the head is warped? They are not really sure at this time. They stated this was not the case in the prior repair they completed.
There is capachino colored oil/anifreeze in the radiator when it overheated this time- has no oil in it either.
The prior time there was dark oil in the radiator with anti-freeze under (it seperated) before they did the repairs stated above. They are stating that it will be an additional 3k to repair this now because it needs an engine.
Can you tell me what you think may have happened here? They warranteed the repair work but are still charging to do the same / and more repairs now because the car is not operational.
Thank you- I just need some info on what the cause of the initial problem may have been? I think that the car may have been misdiagnosed the initial trip to the dealer, but they said they did not see a reason to check for a cracked engine block before so they never did this test.
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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 AT 4:16 PM

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You definitely ran into a group of shysters. But first let me say this:
"Don't ever take you car to a dealership unless it's under warranty. EVER."

I know there's a lot of mechanics who'll disagree with this, but so what. You will ALWAYS get over-priced for repairs, and in some cases (like yours), you'll get screwed!

Now, even if you did have a blown head gasket at the very beginning of your car troubles, it's extrememly unlikely you'd need to have all of those components you listed repaired or replaced. (Radiator, water pump, thermostat housing)

And whatever scam they ran on you to have all of those parts replaced, if you brought your engine in because it overheated. It's there responsibility to make sure the correctly diagnosed the problem and fixed it once you paid your money. And when you rolled out of the door with your warranty in hand, any overheating issue that arises before 12K miles/1-year will be on them to remedy for free.

Finally, contact a lawyer first, then the management at the dealership. Don't argue, but inform them of your complaint, what attorney is representing you, and your intentions to file a suite against their establishment. You may even want to call your local news agency and let them know there's a shyster in town. (Let the dealership know this as well)

I'm sure the dealership will quickly see the error of their ways and agree to fix your vehicle under warranty.
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