2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser



December, 3, 2007 AT 5:40 PM

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2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 30000 miles

The Latch On My 03 Pt Cruiser hatch back is sticking out and won't go back flush with the body and the tailgate is stuck closed. I can't get to any of the fastners to disasemble anything. There is a plug on the inside of the car that reveals a hole into the latch area but blindly poking around didn't reveal any kind of release triger. My after market repair manual was no help and the dealers ownly sudjestion was bring it in and we'l look at it (for$110/hr.)

Help the only thing I can see to do is to saw the latch loop in the door fame that I can barly see from inside the car.


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Denis Mitchell

December, 7, 2007 AT 6:19 PM

I had the same problem with mine, it's an easy fix. Fold down your rear seats for easy access. Pull the interior panels loose at the rear window where they meet the bottom panel. Now pull on the bottom panel from the top edges and it will pop loose, then pry around the edges to get it off the rest of the way. Now you can open the latch from the inside and hook it back together !

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