1994 Chrysler LHS Car over heating, Heater not working well


Heater problem
1994 Chrysler LHS Automatic 132000 miles

My thermostat was replaced in August 2009 along with the radiator cap because my car was over heating. Everything was fine up until about a week ago, I noticed my heat was gradually becoming colder after my commute to work (it would be warm, not hot, on the way there and then slowly become cool). Yesterday, my car wasn't warming up and all of a sudden the gadge shot up to hot, so I pulled over and shut it off. My dad added coolant ( I did already have some in my resevoir).I think ihe added about a jug and a half. My car didn't over heat on my way to work, but did cool down on my commute to work again. There does not appear to be any leaks and I don't see coolant on the ground. And idea what it could be? Thank you so much !

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 AT 9:44 AM

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It may be leaking in the area between the cylinder head and block, a gasket is used for sealing and assembly, it is called a cylinder head gasket. If it's leaking, the coolant is drawn into the combustion chamber and burns with the fuel, passing out through the exhaust. If you do not see any obvious puddles, it may be that. Ok sometimes you can smell it, and see a whiteish smoke.

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Saturday, December 26th, 2009 AT 8:11 PM

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