1992 Chrysler Le Baron Not getting fuel?

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 144,000 MILES
I ran my car low on gas and when I went to start it, it turnes over but won't start. It tried at first(prob. Just the fuel in the line) but when I put 5 gallons in it, it just turns over but sounds like it's not getting gas. I had it towed home and am planning on changing(checking) the filter if I can find it.I cannot hear the pump turning on when I turn the key and have not had any problems before now. Could I have picked up trash in the tank and could this block the pump and/or filter and keep the pump from turning on so I can hear it?
I pulled the relay switch and the 20amp fuel system switch out and they look fine. Any help would be much appreciated. Ty
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Friday, February 5th, 2010 AT 8:40 PM

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Do you mean you ran out of gas or it just wouldn't start after you stopped the engine? If the engine won't start after you turned it off normally previously, the low fuel level might just be a coincidence.

First of all, don't waste your time changing the fuel filter. Except for diesel trucks, they will not cause a running problem on a Chrysler product.

You might have to listen under the fuel tank or by the filler opening to hear the pump run. When a helper turns on the ignition switch, you should hear the pump run for only one to two seconds, then it will turn off. It won't turn on again until the engine is rotating, (cranking or running).

The pump and motor sit in a plastic tub in the tank that it fills with gas for cooling. Fuel is pumped directly from this tub to the engine. Pumping from the tank would cause stalling when you went around a corner or up a hill from the gas running away from the pickup assembly. If you ran the car out of gas, the new gas must first be pumped into the tub before it will head to the engine. The process for doing that is real complicated. Turn the ignition switch to "run", wait a few seconds, then turn it off. After about 5 seconds, do that again. Wait a few seconds, then do that a third time, then try to start the engine. Each time you turn on the switch, fuel will be pumped for up to two seconds. It rarely takes more than three ignition switch cycles before the engine will start.

If the engine still doesn't start, check for spark at the end of one of the spark plug wires. If it is missing, there may be a different problem preventing power from getting to the ignition system AND the fuel pump or pump relay. This would result in the pump running for those first two seconds, but not during cranking. We can address that issue later if necessary.

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Monday, February 15th, 2010 AT 3:11 AM

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