1995 Chrysler Intrepid



June, 23, 2009 AT 7:45 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
1995 Chrysler Intrepid 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 148000 miles

my chrysler intrepid sometimes backfires and is hard to start. When it is running it sounds pretty good. Runs and drives great.I once pulled out a plug and it appeared to be wet. The plugs are new, coil pak, wires, tps, o2 sensors, idle air control valve, fuel filter, air filter. Does it sound like small injector leakdown. The rest of the cylinders seem fine. Even the one that is troublesome plus is burning normal after it has run for a while. It is definitely not the catalytic converter, there were no sensors attached to it. Awhile back I had to hold my foot to the floor to start it, like it was flooded. The fuel rail was tested for pressure, but if it is a small crack in the injector I dont think that it woould register on the gauge as being that if the gauge was only on for about 10 minutes. What do you guys think. Am I jumping to conclusions. It seems that sometimes also there is a slight pulsing of about 40 rpm difference when idling. Thank you so much for the forum guys. Youve helped alot of people.


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July, 4, 2009 AT 7:22 AM

My suspicion was right, after taking it to the mechanic for the last time I figured I would look at it myself.I bought new injectors and plenum gasket and replaced them. The car runs 100%. The injectors had leakdown, but not enough that it could be seen on a gauge after ten minutes. From now on I will do all of the work on this car as I have done in the past. Hope this is helpful to someone else.

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