Chimes after starting - Plus other issue maybe related

  • 180,000 MILES
I hear 34 chimes after the car Starts
it does not do this all the time but will keep it up maybe 10 times then a long brake 3-4 months go by and all of a sudden it starts again
the same 34 times in rabbit session

Started when my ABS began acting up we pulled the fuse so the brakes work all the time but the lights are on
Shortly after this it began doing this maybe 3 months

for 4 months I heard nothing but my Check engine light came on
O2 sensor in the rear and catalytic code came up
we cleared code and light came back on
we changed O2 Sensor and disconnected battery
about 10 miles and check eng light came back on
we did some cleaning on the oxygen sensor - intake etc. Cleared codes
got 78 miles and the light came back on

Changed the catalytic converter -- Universal Measured and welded it to pipe fit perfectly
when installed O2 sensor in same old spot

250 miles and says catalyst and evap not ready
cleared code and 400 miles and still NOT READY
Followed GM recommendations to get the emissions to run and nothing
Cleared codes - Undid battery - drove it as GM says another 525 miles still not ready

Now the Chimes are back 34 times
Changed battery got 80 miles and still evap and catalyst not ready
O2 sensors are OK and no other codes are coming up

Any other way or thoughts how to get Evap and Cat to cycle and what is this 34 chimes the car runs great other than them issues
Can not pass inspection with the two codes not ready how do I get them to run
Jeff 585-786-0350 Shop - 585-201-6031 my Cel
Sooner the better My email is monitored every few hours
any help is welcomed THANKS.
Wish I could donate but have no means to do so at this time will get that tomorrow
a pre paid card and ask again
Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 AT 8:37 PM

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Unfortunatly, to run catayst and evap monitors take an insane amount of time and miles to complete or fail. My Shop we've have to drive GM products over 500 miles to get these monitors to finally run. I believe the dealer has the option to force run the montiors without having to put so many miles on the car.
The 34 chimes concern.
Is there any message that comes up when the chiming happens? Any warning lamps light air bag or passenger occupancy?
Was this
Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 AT 8:56 PM

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