1995 Chevy Van turn signal switch

Electrical problem
1995 Chevy Van G 20 V8 rear Wheel Drive

Process for changing the turn signal multi-function switch
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Properly disable the SIR (air bag) system, then disconnect the negative battery cable.
Matchmark and remove the steering wheel.
Remove the SIR coil assembly retaining ring, then remove the coil assembly and allow it to hang freely from the wiring. Remove the wave washer.
Push downward on the shaft lock assembly until the snapring is exposed using the shaft lock compressor tool.
Remove the shaft lock retaining snapring, then carefully release the tool and remove the shaft lock from the column.
Remove the turn signal canceling cam assembly.
Remove the upper bearing spring, inner race seat and inner race.
Move the turn signal lever upward to the "Right Turn" position.
Remove the access cap and disengage the multi-function lever harness connector, then grasp the lever and pull it from the column.
Loosen and remove the hazard knob retaining screw, then remove the screw, button, spring and knob.
Remove the screw and the switch actuator arm.
Remove the turn signal switch retaining screws, then pull the switch forward and allow it to hang from the wires. If the switch is only being removed for access to other components, this may be sufficient.
If the switch is to be replaced, cut the wires near the top of the switch and discard the switch. Before cutting the wires, verify that the wire color codes are the same. Secure the connector of the new switch to the old wires, and pull the new harness down through the steering column while removing the old switch.
If the original switch is to be reused, attach a piece of wire or string around the connector and pull the harness up through the column, while pulling the string up through the column and leaving the string or wire in position to help with reinstallation later.
After freeing the switch wiring protector from its mounting, pull the turn signal switch straight up and remove the switch, switch harness, and the connector from the column.

On some vehicles access to the connector may be difficult. If necessary, remove the column support bracket assembly and properly support the column, and/or remove the wiring protectors.

To install:

Install the switch and wiring harness to the vehicle. If the switch was completely removed, use the length of mechanic's wire or string to pull the switch harness through the column, then engage the connector.

If the column support bracket or wiring protectors were removed, install them before proceeding.

Position the switch in the column and secure using the retaining screws.
Install the switch actuator arm and retaining screw.
Install the hazard knob assembly, then install the multi-function lever.
Install the inner race, upper bearing race seat and upper bearing spring.
Lubricate the turn signal canceling cam using a suitable synthetic grease (usually included in the service kit), then install the cam assembly.
Position the shaft lock and a new snapring, then use the lock compressor to hold the lock down while seating the new snapring. Make sure the ring is firmly seated in the groove, then carefully release the tool.

The coil assembly will become uncentered if the steering column is separated from the steering gear and allowed to rotate or if the centering spring is pushed down, letting the hub rotate while the coils assembly is removed from the steering column.

Make sure the coil is centered, then install the wave washer, followed by the coil and the retaining ring. The coil ring must be firmly seated in the shaft groove.
Align and install the steering wheel.
Make sure the ignition is OFF, then connect the negative battery cable.
Properly enable the SIR system.
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