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February, 24, 2006 AT 4:52 PM

I recently am having problems with my 95 Chevy Blazer with appx 140k miles. It has died on me while driving 3 times now. I noticed as I gave it some gas the RPM guage started to drop off then fluctuate irratically, then eventually die. When it does die it is like someone just shuts the key off. I noticed after the first time this happened that when I came out the next morning to start the truck my battery was dead. I bought a new battery, starts fine and idles great (will run all day it seems), but when I get out on the road it wants to quit on me. I am suspecting water in my fuel. Any suggestions?


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February, 26, 2006 AT 11:35 PM

Does it run rough when you take off from a stop? Spits & sputters = miss firing = ignition tune up. Cap, rotor, plugs & wires. Might also want to check the air filter. Do you use fuel injector cleaner from time to time? If not, your fuel injectors may be dirty. When new, injectors spray a fine mist, but when they get dirty/clogged they tend to trickel leading to a rough running engine.
Hope this helps.



February, 27, 2006 AT 8:58 AM

It actually runs pretty good at idle. I put new plugs in it last summer, gapped to specs. I haven't checked the air filter yet, however I do usually change that every other oil change. Usually around 30 mph it starts to act up. I did notice it wanting to hesitate slightly as I took off from a stop. Then as I slowed to stop the needle kinda bounced around. I occasionally use fuel injector cleaner, but it has been a long while since I last used some. I was pulling in the driveway the other day and it was like someone just shut the key off. Thank you for the help.

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