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I have a 2000 chevy Suburban (Late Model, 4WD LT 1500). Occasionally, there will be a clicking noise from under the dash. It makes a clicking sound and am guessing it's a solenoid. When using the turn signals or emergency flashers, the same sound is made. Except that is starts and stops intermittently all by itself. No lights flash. Just the sound is made. The vehicle just started doing this last week.

Friday, August 31st, 2007 AT 10:17 PM

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I resolved this issue by replacing the turn signal multi-function switch $110 via online parts store. I found it helpful to have a single key in the ignition with no extra keys to get the way; also put on your emergency brake.

General instructions: First. REMOVE the fuse for the airbag (fuse panel on left side of the dash) and disconnect the battery. Remove the steering column plastic case by removing the two screws from the underside (you'll need a torx bit). Remove the triangular plastic tilt wheel lever by using pliers and giving a quick pull; keep it handy though to tilt the wheel as needed. The top and bottom halves of the shell that scovers the sterring wheel /key area are snapped together; you have to gently twist and manuever the back half to separate the botton from teh top. The top one has one screw that is very hard to get to and I tugged and snapped a piece of theplastic to get the top cover ( it just snaps in and out). After the cover was off.I could see the one screw that I did not have a tool for anyway. A special torx socket would be needed to get this one out. Remove the dash face plate (4 screws) and the lower dash kick plate (2 screws) Once removed there is a steel cover/shield at the base of the steering column attached to the fire wall with 4 10mm nuts. Once all this is removed you can access the wire harness. Remove teh one one screw in the wiring harness and you then can release 2 of the 4 wiring connections. Take note of where all 4 connections are replace them accordingly. The multi function switch itself is held on by a two screws. One torx screw is on top and easyily comes out; the other is behind the steering wheel. Teh required tool is likley a torx allen wrench with a 90 degree bend; I used a closley fited allen wqrench and was lucky to get this screw out. About now is when your back ache begins. Keep note of your steps to do in reverse when puting it all back together. It took me about two hours to take apart and replace.

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Friday, September 7th, 2007 AT 10:46 PM

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