2002 Chevy Suburban cold start noise and ticking noises in

  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 83,300 MILES
This winter when it started getting cold I noticed that My truck had a lot of extra noise coming from what I thought was the motor, and this noise is not the lovely tick that my truck has had since I bought it, that chevy so proudly calls normal. I am saying that this thing sounds like a duramax instead of a 5.3 chevy the dealer looked at it and they say that it is carbon. I have also noticed in the mornings no mater what ambient temp is, that the transmission holds 1st gear for along time the rpm's are very high befoe it shifts and there is a ticking noise that increases when it is shifting. It sounds like a playing card in a bike's spokes.I have also noticed this same noise in a medium to hard acceleration. This noise seams to come on around 2k rpm and increases in speed until it shifts and then I cant hear it till the top of the next gear. It also slip when in drive but not all the time, usually when let off the gas and decelerate and then give it gas agian that is when the rpms go up and it hits into gear hard, it is very sluggish, I meen I have to give it a lot of gas and and it wants to kick down, way down and all the time especially on hills kick down like your clime'n pikes peak give it gas & it don't accelerate then all of a sudden it shifts down and the rpms jump threw the roof 4.5 -5k. Chevy dealer looked at it and hooked up scanner they and said the trans was not slipping. This problem is only getting worse and my truck is going to crap and I need help. I have extended warranty and chevy wont touch it until it blows up I guess. My truck has lost all of its mojo and it is making this chevy lover lose sleep.
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Saturday, February 21st, 2009 AT 6:00 PM

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If they said the noise was coming from carbon build up did they decarbon the engine? Have you changed trans fluid and filter recently? I find alot of these engine ticks are actually caused by leaking exhaust y pipe connections to the manifolds and when the engine heats up they go away. Check for carbon tracks at the manifold y pipe connection. And if there was a trans problem you would most likely set a code in computer under transmission section but it would not neccessaril;y turn on check engine light. Have you tried getting a second opinion? Autozone can scan the computer for you(they do it for free) to see if there are any transmission codes. Get back to us
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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 AT 7:36 AM

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