I am a recently retired heavy equip. Mechanic and not totally lost on automotive problems, but this abs thing has got me. I was driving down the highway at around 65 mph and had a bad blowout on my right front. After I changed the tire and started the truck I had a amber ABS light. I have a Innova 3160 scanner and it shows a C0267 code. The scanner says it is low brake fluid, which it isn't. My Chilton service manual says it is(pump motor circuit-open or shorted circuit). Where do I start?

Thanks, Wayne
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Monday, April 12th, 2010 AT 10:41 PM

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It is the pump motor related fault. Here is a video of the unit getting replaced.


Also I would check the wheel speed sensor on the right front to make sure non of the wiring got damaged in the blow out.

Do you hear the pump run even with key off. There is a bulletin for this. The diagnostic process may require EBCM (abs module) separation from the motor, if it does not have a separate motor pigtail. It doesn't specify which do and which do not. The first thing I would do is clear it, drive it over 4 mph, and see if it resets. If it does, check the ABS 60A fuse in the under hood fuse block. If that is good, this would be the next step in the flow chart, and I am not sure if your scan tool is capable of activating functions;

Important: On some applications, it may be necessary to separate the EBCM from the BPMV in order to perform this test. Also, DTC C0268 may set when this test is performed.

Turn OFF the ignition.
Disconnect from the EBCM, the ABS pump motor pigtail connector. For systems which have no pump motor pigtail, it is necessary to separate the EBCM from the BPMV in order to gain access to the pump motor connector of the EBCM. Refer to Electronic Brake Control Module Replacement.
Use a connector adapter test kit in order to connect a test lamp between the ABS pump motor power and ground circuits at the pump motor connector of the EBCM.
Turn ON the ignition.
Use the scan tool in order to clear the DTCs.
Use the scan tool in order to perform an ABS Function Test.
Does DTC C0267 set?

If you can determine whether or not the system has a separate pump connector and let me know your findings, it will be a two wire connector with a large red, and black wire. The EBCM/BPMV are mounted on the inside of the left frame rail. The ground for the pump near the left front tire. I am not sure why this fault occurred after a right front blowout. Bear with me, I usually check the forum periodically through the day, and do most replies in evenings. I am done for this evening.

This video will help run and clear the codes


Please run this test and get back to us.

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