1992 Chevrolet Silverado



May, 7, 2008 AT 4:49 PM

Transmission problem
1992 Chevy Silverado V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 158000 miles

I started to remove the tranny fluid pan only to discover that there are two bolts I cannot get at. The back two bolts are under the tranny cross bar(?). How do I get to these bolts so I can replace the filter? Help I'm stranded without my truck.



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May, 8, 2008 AT 7:17 AM

1st if the filter and fluid have not been changed regularly then dont change it or you will mess up your tranie but the best way I can think of is to put a jack under the trans. Then take the bolt out of the cross member going into the trans and then there should be four bolts 2 on each side of the cross member, remove those and the cross member should come out then you will beable to get to those bolts. Good luck.


The Factory Man

May, 10, 2008 AT 11:41 AM

Generally most of the particles of clutch material and metallic bits fall to the bottom of the pan and do not cause a problem in the transmission because they are filtered out by the filter. Don't be afraid to change the fluid and filter. Use the latest GM specified ATF which is DEXRON VI which supercedes DEXRON III as the recommended fluid in all GM automatic transmissions. It is a very rare event when a service ot the fluid causes a problem. You are way ahead of the game by replacing the old fluid that may have been overheated and the additive package may be depleated.

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