Chevrolet Nova



April, 27, 2007 AT 9:05 PM

Chevy Nova, 1986, 125,419 miles, not sure of engine size.

#1. Wiper Motor: problem started out with the wipers just not parking in rest position, but wherever they were when I turned it off. They started working again normally for a while, but now instead of wiping, it stays in rest position and the motor just buzzes. They will only wipe if I help it along, but it'll only get stuck again in rest position. I'm assuming I'll have to replace the motor?

#2. White / blue smoke comes from under the hood until car is warmed up, then it stops (it stops sooner if I drive it). I checked for any oil leaks, sealed some suspect places and cleaned things up the best I could, but it still smokes when started. Any other suggestions?


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April, 28, 2007 AT 5:43 PM

The wiper motor has a wiper positioning switch that sits on the side of the wiper motor, inside ther are contacts that when thwe wipers are turned off it keeps juice to them until they posion themselves in the down position. Check the contacts and when the wipers are turned on see if the motor is turning. Check the linkage comming from the motor controlling the wipers.
White smoke could be residual moisture in the exaust system and burns off when it warms up, the blue smoke could be from worn or bried out valve seals



April, 28, 2007 AT 6:49 PM

I checked the wiper positioning switch contacts. It was very greasy inside there. Is this normal or should I try to clean it out? I also unscrewed the motor but it won't come out from the linkage device that connects it to the wipers. It's all under a panel. I messed around with it a little and managed to get the wipers working, but not quite full power. It'll do for now.

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