1978 Chevy Nova My car wont start!

  • V8
  • FWD
  • 33,000 MILES
Hi, My name is Keelin Im a 19 year old female TRYING to live on my own. I own A 78 Chevey Nova, One pervious owner. I just paid for the title and tabs and I go to drive it to the Gas staion to fill her up. But I Brake down At the Pump. You can tell it has to do with the Battery because when I went to Start it It would Do the whole Click Click, Ticking Noise thing. Then it wouldnt turn over at all. I notice when I pulled the keys out This light that say GEN wouldnt go it out. It would stay on. Most likely killing my battery. I had someone look at it and Since the alternator is so old, that could be draining my battery. But See I dont wanna go out and Buy an Alternator if that not the problem. All I Have is my Car. Any Suggestions? Pleeeaase?
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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 AT 3:04 PM

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First thing charge the battery. When it's charged take it to an auto parts store and they can test it - usually for free. Then if it's ok buy a test light and reinstall the battery. Put one end of the test light to the cable and the other end to the battery post. Usuall this is courtesy lights, hood light, trunk light that are staying on daining the battery. The auto parts can also test your alternator- for free as well to see if it's bad or not. If they don't have it or cant'get it any starter generator rebuilder can fi x it for you. Also on this site there is how to test alternator under repaair on the right side of the screen. Also there are other things on this site that may help you all for free. O f course we always will take a donation to keep the site going.
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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 AT 8:53 PM

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