Chevrolet Monte Carlo



March, 2, 2007 AT 4:01 PM

I have a 2003 Monte Carlo SS. My service traction control light is staying on, along with the abs light. It makes a rinding sound along with vibration every once in while, when you hit the brakes. I put new brakes on the back & front. Checked all the fluids. I even hooked it up to a computer. It has 53,000 miles, with a V6. I still cant find the problem. Help


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kin chan

March, 2, 2007 AT 5:58 PM

Thats a very bold statement u've made. If u are not using a tech 2 which is a gm factory scanner nothing counts.U are only a % of capability to read or test out the effectiveness of the modules. We have 3 factory original manufactures and 2 aftermarket scanner here which cost us over $45000 and we are still not cover on most cars on the market.I would like to know why and what make u think u chk out the computer. Further more. Scan data diagnostic means nothing to untrain novice. There aint no such thing as a magic box that tell u exactly whats wrong with the car. Any real mechanic on and 2000' and up car will start by scan data, code diagnostic to trace where and why the lites are on and whats the relation to ur symptoms. Get codes from abs and traction ctrl modules 1st b4 anything. Good luck man



October, 31, 2007 AT 7:47 PM

Check and see if the hub assembly isent bad, the speed sensor is built in to the assembly, the sensor goes bad, leading for the ABS/Traction Control to activate and always stay on in the info center in the car. Hope this helps.I had the a similar problem has to replace to hub due to the bad sensor. If you do it youself the hub is a pain in the but to get off the axel.

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