99 - 3.8 LITER CHEVY Z34- 107,000 MILES

1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo


Tony Ammirati

July, 12, 2007 AT 5:41 PM

Hello. And thank you for taking my question!

On my way home from work today I pulled out on to the highway and accelerated moderately to get up to 65 miles per hour and felt what appeared to be constant mis-firing. Little sputters. As I gained speed it seemed to get better but after two miles I turned onto a side street and smelt antifreeze. The passenger side muffler was also humming and sounded hollow. When I started from a stop sign the car felt like it was running out of gas. But soon after it started to go. I checked the engine and noticed that my coolant level was low. So I put some anti-freeze in and let the car run for a few minutes, but it didn't improve. When I hit the gas it smelled like sulfur.

Any ideas?

Thanks Again

Tony Ammirati


Engine Miss


5 Answers



July, 12, 2007 AT 7:12 PM

Have someone do a coolant pressure test to find out where the coolant is leaking from first, test should be cheap 20 - 35 bucks and go from there


Tony Ammirati

July, 14, 2007 AT 7:23 PM

Crank sensor.



July, 15, 2007 AT 4:21 PM

Where is the crank censor located on this engine, its probaly the same as whats in my lumina. Its also a 3.8 but its a 98


Tony Ammirati

July, 15, 2007 AT 5:21 PM

Pull right behind the pulley. Towards the front.


Tony Ammirati

July, 19, 2007 AT 10:38 AM

Check that (the previous messages)

07.19.07 - Found out after changing the crank sensor that the plugs (now soaked in gas and charred) needed to be replaced (wires followed) then when the car started. That the catalytic converter had clogged and that needed to be replaced. Now that the converter is in and the car runs. Hmmmm thought that was some antifreeze on the plugs when I pulled them. Blown head gasket. So. Hopefully after $1,500.00 of work the car will run for a few more years.

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