2000 Malibu. Stereo is locked

So my battery died today. I had it replaced and now my radio is locked. I called the dealership and the guy in service is telling me it's going to be $30-$60 to plug the car into the computer to get the code to unlock the radio. I had the battery replaced in a parking lot at a store by the guy down the street who is a mechanic at a local shop. I paid the bill. Should I just call the guy down the street and have him restet the code or just try to do it myself?

I never set the code for the theftloc so I was wondering if there is a factory default code to unlock the stereo.

Thanks for your help.

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Thursday, June 14th, 2007 AT 5:28 PM

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I used this article a while ago to unlock my radio. Saves you money from getting the dealership to do it, unless you have already done so.

01. Turn the ignition ON (The radio displays LOC)

02. Hold down the Radio Presets 2 and 3 buttons for six seconds

03. The radio display changes from LOC to a three-digit number. Write this number down. Don t take forever, fifteen seconds max before the next step.

04. Press the AM/FM button

05. The radio display changes to another three-digit number. Write this number to the right of the first one.

06. You now have a six-digit number, the first three digits are from STEP 03 and the last three digits are form STEP 05

07. Call 1 800 537 5140 08. Press 1 then # (pound). You ll hear Invalid Code, try again

09. Press 139010 then # (pound). You will be asked to enter your four or six digit code followed by * (start)

10. Enter the number from STEP 6 then * (star)

11. Listen to the four-digit number and write it down. It will be repeated twice

12. Turn the ignition ON (The radio displays LOC)

13. Use the MN and HR buttons to enter the code from STEP 11

14. Press the AM/FM button. The radio display changes to SEC Your radio is now un-locked and usable. The Theft-Deterrent feature is STILL active! If you want to disable it, use the instruction on page 3-27 in your Y2K Owner s manual. Use the code from STEP 11 instead of your personal code.
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Friday, July 13th, 2007 AT 7:49 AM

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