1999 Chevrolet Malibu



January, 3, 2006 AT 3:20 PM

I bought a 99 Malibu that has " lifter"? Noise. : (

A mechanic told me it appears to be the exhaust lifters; I buy the lifters, he replaces them, says that's not it. : Cry:

He wants to do a valve job on it. Says it already had intake lifters replaced. : Shock:

The costs just keeps climbing and climbing. : Oops:

Is this valve job more than likely going to be the end of it? : Roll: How much is a valve & exhaust lifter job worth nowdays? : O

Thanks for any help you can provide.






2 Answers



June, 8, 2009 AT 7:04 PM

Ive gotta 00 malibu with the same tapping noise. Ive replaced all the lifters and put it back together again, SAME NOISE! It sounds like its coming right out the top of the motor. If you find out anything or hear any suggestions please contact me Oh yeah where are exhaust lifters?


joe contreras

May, 9, 2011 AT 1:14 PM

The solution is here, I happen to buy a Malibu 2001 and started with the engine noise, I thought about selling, but someone told me a good oil will fixed, where it all started, I try oil change, re-branding oil, mysterious oil, lucas, tried almost everything, and now after this defeat and after spending much time and money, went to internet forums, and yes, happened again, change lifters, flush the motor, new coolant, new distribution chain, and was about to change the camshaft when decided to junk the car because nobody buys it with the noise, but neither is given, it is worse not even want to drive, afraid to stay where the machine is broken, someone recommended me a mechanic here in Minneapolis and just by curiosity and tired of this car, the mechanic asked me if I went to him by the noise or to sell the car, he began to tell and I said if you've already tried this and this, but easy and fast he told me I will charge $ 500.00 total cost and I guarantee one year, and you only pay me after that you try it, drive and take off that fear,
I found it incredible, if the car does not runs good do need not pay nothing, any mechanic do that and of course accept, and my car was perfect, the mechanic told me that Chevrolet has two simple manufacturing defects, but they are destroying the reputation of the car there is no need to change any part, just to correct, also asked what were and he told me $ 500.00 to fix the car, tell you the default location $ 50 000.00. Sounds funny but cost to me $ 2100.00 and 3 months. Sorry this mechanic is small business here in Minneapolis.

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