1999 Chevy Malibu modules

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 121,000 MILES
When the car is started there are no dash indicator lights and I also the radiator cooling fans are not running.
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Monday, October 20th, 2008 AT 6:26 PM

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If all your fuses look good. You need to test your fan motors. To do this you need to disconnect the fan and run a set of jumper wires from the fan directly to the battery. If the fan dont work, you need a new fan motor. If the fan works, you need to then check the fan relays located in the underhood fuse/relay box. To test the relays youll need to hook up a jumper wire to one of the 2 control circuit terminals. Now hook that to the positive post on the battery. Take the another jumper wire and hook it to the other control circuit terminal and touch it to the ground post on the battery. When you make the connection, the relay should click. If it dont, try swapping the wires around. Sometimes the polarity matters in these. You may also need to check the continuity of the relay. Using an ohm meter check the continuity of the relay with the wires still attached to the battery. Repeat with the other relays. The relays should be marked so you know what side is the control side and what side is the power side on the relays. The power side usualy has an odd number that dont fit in with the other 3 numbers you'll see. The continuity should be as indicated on the relays power side #. If the relays fail any of those tests, you need to replace it. You could also bypass the relays and wire the fans to a toggle switch in the car but dont ever forget to turn it on or youll overheat bad. Thats not really suggested but it is a solution as opposed to buying all new relays.
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Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 AT 1:57 AM

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