1994 Chevy Lumina key ignition

1994 Chevy Lumina Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Hi I will like to know if its hard to change the key ignition from a 1994 lumina.Y I wanna change is b/c when I put the key on the ignition it will turn all the way.
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have the same problem?
Saturday, November 15th, 2008 AT 10:30 PM

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I have listed below the steps necessary to remove and replace ignition switch. This isn't a job for someone with no experience so if it seems too complicated for you, I would suggest taking it to a shop so you don't harm yourself or vehicle.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
If equipped, properly disable the SIR system, as outlined in of this repair guide.
Remove the left side lower trim panel.
Remove the steering column-to-support screws and lower the steering column.
Unplug the dimmer switch and turn signal switch connectors.
Remove the wiring harness-to-firewall nuts.
Remove the steering column-to-steering gear bolt and remove the steering column from the vehicle.
Remove the combination switch.
Place the lock cylinder in theRUNposition.
Remove the steering shaft assembly and turn signal switch housing as an assembly.
Using the terminal remover tool No. J 35689A or equivalent, label and unplug the wiresFandGon the connector at the buzzer switch assembly from the turn signal switch electrical harness connector.
With the lock cylinder in theRUNposition, remove the buzzer switch.
Place the lock cylinder in theACCESSORYposition, remove the lock cylinder retaining screw, and remove the lock cylinder.
Remove the dimmer switch nut/bolt, the dimmer switch, and the actuator rod.
Remove the dimmer switch mounting stud (the mounting nut was attached to it).
Remove the ignition switch-to-steering column screws and the ignition switch.
Remove the lockbolt screws and the lockbolt.
Remove the switch actuator rack and ignition switch.
Remove the steering shaft lock and spring.

To install the lockbolt, lubricate it with lithium grease and install the lockbolt, spring and retaining plate.
Lubricate the teeth on the switch actuator rack, install the rack and the ignition switch through the opening in the steering bolt until it rests on the retaining plate.
Install the steering column lock cylinder set by holding the barrel of the lock cylinder, inserting the key and turning the key to theACCESSORYposition.
Install the lock set in the steering column while holding the rack against the lockplate.
Install the lock retaining screw. Insert the key in the lock cylinder and turn the lock cylinder to theSTARTposition and the rack will extend.
Center the slotted holes on the ignition switch mounting plate and install the ignition switch mounting screw and nut.
Install the dimmer switch and actuator rod into the center slot on the switch mounting plate.
Install the buzzer switch and turn the lock cylinder to theRUNposition. Push the switch in until it is bottomed out with the plastic tab that covers the lock retaining screw.
Install the steering shaft and turn signal housing as an assembly.
Install the turn signal switch. Install the steering wheel to the column, and tighten the steering shaft nut to 30 ft. lbs. (41 Nm).
Install the steering column in the vehicle. Connect all electrical leads. Install the lower trim panels.
Connect the negative battery cable.
If equipped, properly enable the SIR system, as outlined in of this repair guide.
Check steering column operations.




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