Power window issue

In cold weather the power window freezes and the interior has to warm up before I can open the windows.
A light frost is enough to freeze it shut.
Removing visible frost/ice doesn't work.
I wonder if anyone has any tips to prevent the window from freezing shut, other than parking in a garage, cause I ain't got one. :)
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Friday, January 6th, 2006 AT 8:02 PM

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As you are aware there is cold wind, or just plain cold freezing your windows. Check also to see if the rubber strip between your window and the outside of your door has either cracks, worn or missing. If either is the case, water or cold wind may be getting into the inside of your door and causing your windows to freeze. I am not sure what type of vehicle or how cold it gets in you area. This all determines what needs to be done in a correct way, to resolve your issue so it does not cost you a lot of money. I do know a lot of the more expensive vehicles have all of their doors and panels generally well insulated so that neither air or wind can penetrate the vehicle. This works much similar to insulating or soundproofing your house. What I can suggest is for you to go to www. Soundproofing. Org/, or go to www. Ask. Com and type in automobile insulation and this will give you all types of options on pricing and possibilities on insulating your car. A lot of this insulation looks like the felt you see in a pair of snowmobile boots to keep your feet warm. Contact these companies to see what they offer or go to your car dealer and see if they have that type of insulation for your doors. Not all vehicles have this! So you may have no choice but to depend on the experts. Just to let you know, I do not work for any of these companies and I am an ordinary consumer like you. I hope this will help you in some way!
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Saturday, January 7th, 2006 AT 12:17 PM

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