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January, 3, 2006 AT 12:50 PM

I just bought a 93 Ford Tempo GT in the summer. It has aprox 75 000 km on it. The guy I bought it from told me the brakes needed to be bled because he had done some work on them. That didn't work, the pedal goes to the floor. The mechanis I took it to said it needed a master cylendar so I had a friend put on a new one. That didn't work either. The pedal still goes to the floor. The car will stop but it like rolls to a stop. When I pump the brakes it does go up a little but doesn't last. I'm tired of getting ripped off : evil:


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brett anderson

January, 3, 2006 AT 1:39 PM

Did your friend rebleed the brakes after installing the new master cyl. A lot of people do not bleed them enough and sometimes let the resevoir go dry while bleeding which lets air back in the system. If your friend is going to bleed again. I always start with the wheel cylinder which is furthest from the master to the nearest. Pass rear, then drivers rear, then pass front. Then drivers front. Remember it will take a while for the air to get all the way back so if at first you get nothing but fluid keep it up till you get little pops of air and after that then nothing but fluid. Its good also check the resevoir after each bleeding, so you don't run it dry. Remember when bleeding never let off the brake with a bleeder open. Good luck



January, 3, 2006 AT 7:22 PM

I agree with brett!



January, 3, 2006 AT 8:40 PM

I had a heck of a time bleeding my brakes on my honda. It definately takes two people and you will probably go through a big bottle of brake fluid before you are done. That sounds like the problem tho. Make sure you dont let the brake go all the way to the floor, so be easy on it and then shut the bleeder, pump the brake and go again. It takes a while, but that should fix it.



January, 7, 2006 AT 3:21 PM

And don't forget to go easy on those bleeders, they break real easy.

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