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June, 15, 2010 AT 4:07 PM

Electrical problem
2005 Chevy Equinox 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 43,000 miles

Hello, I bought a used 2005 Chevy Equinox and I love it except for two problems. One, periodically when I start the car - it will start fine - but the Service Vehicle Soon light comes on. It stays on until I turn the Equinox off and then back on. I took it in to the dealership and they said it needed a new battery. They replaced the battery, though it had a new battery put in one month prior when it arrived on the lot. The light still comes on periodically. I don't know what to do!
Second, and even more annoying, is a dinging noise that I get from the front passenger speaker. The door adjar sound, turn signals, and other " warning" noises all come from my speakers in the 05 model of the Equinox. This dinging noise sounds like the reminder that my key is in the ignition noise, however it comes on when I am driving down the road or it will come on before I even unlock the doors (I can hear it through the windows and the car is off!) It is random as to when it comes on and goes off, sometimes it pauses or gets softer, but it still dings. Any ideas?


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June, 18, 2010 AT 10:02 PM

There are a few possibilities that are available. Are the chime and the SVS light seemingly unrelated meaning, you could have one and not the other. And with the chime, are there any indicators that come with it? Here is the description and operation of audible warnings.

Audible Warnings Description and Operation
The audible warnings alert the driver of a system concern or a critical vehicle condition. The radio generates the audible warnings. The BCM receives audible warning requests via the class 2 serial data line or the controller area network (CAN) data line. If the BCM receives multiple audible warning requests, the warning with the highest priority sounds first. The following lists the audible warning priority and the pulse rate: Fast rate chime--200 pulses per minute
Medium rate chime--150 pulses per minute
Slow rate chime--50 pulses per minute
Single chime
Fasten Safety Belt Warning
The body control module (BCM) activates the fasten safety belt audible warning as requested by the sensing and diagnostic module (SDM). The SDM sends a class 2 message to the BCM. The fasten safety belt warning sounds and the fasten safety belt indicator illuminates when the following occurs: " The ignition switch transitions to ON.

" The inflatable restraint SDM detects that the driver seat belt is not buckled and or the signal is low. The BCM receives a class 2 message from the SDM indicating the driver seat belt status.

If the seat belt is buckled when the ignition is turned ON, the chime does not sound. If the seat belt is buckled while the chime is sounding, the chime stops. If the seat belt is unbuckled after the initial transition to ON, the chime does not sound.

Key in Ignition Warning
The BCM monitors the signal circuit of the ignition switch. The BCM activates the key-in-ignition audible warning. The key-in-ignition warning sounds when the following occurs: " The ignition switch is OFF.

" The BCM determines that the driver door is open and the signal circuit is low.

" The BCM determines that the key-in-ignition switch is closed and the signal circuit is low.

Lights On Warning
The BCM activates the lights on warning. The radio chimes a frequency of a fast rate and a continuous duration. The lights on warning sounds when the following occurs: " The ignition is OFF.

" The BCM determines that the driver door is open and the signal circuit is low.

" The BCM determines that the headlamp switch is in the park or head position.

Park Brake Warning
The BCM activates the park brake audible warning. The park brake warning sounds and the BRAKE indicator illuminates when the following occurs: " The ignition is ON.

" The vehicle speed is greater than 5 km/h (3.1 mph). The BCM receives a CAN serial message from the ECM indicating the vehicle speed.

" The BCM determines that the park brake is engaged and the signal circuit is low.

With the SVS light, did the dealer mention any trouble codes? There is a bulletin that may apply, it has a VIN breakpoint that you will have to check to determine eligibility. It is as follows.
#PIT3633A: Intermittent Service Vehicle Soon (SVS) Light Comes On - keywords BCM calibration cluster control DTC module power speed SVS - (Jun 27, 2006)

Subject: Intermittent Service Vehicle Soon (SVS) Light Comes On

Models: 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Built prior to VIN Breakpoint 56171611

This PI has been reinstated due to a high volume of calls to Technical Assistance.

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.

Condition/Concern: Intermittently the Service Vehicle Soon light may illuminate with no codes, or only a history DTC C0000 stored in the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM). The Service Vehicle Soon (SVS) light can be identified by a picture of a car with a wrench in it. For vehicles built prior to VIN break point 56171611, the SVS may illuminate after the bulb check and remain illuminated until the ignition key is turned off. The following information DOES NOT apply to the Service Engine Soon (SES) light.

Recommendation/Instructions: If ALL of the following criteria are met, follow the repair instructions below.

No codes current or history set in any module or only a C0000 found as a history code in the Power Steering Control Module (refer to Service Bulletin 04-08-47-001 regarding C0000).
There are no concerns about erratic steering feel (heavier/lighter than normal).
There are no concerns about an erratic speedometer needle.
If the concern is " The SVS light came on when the vehicle was started and stayed on after the bulb check until the ignition was turned off". This is not an intermittent illumination " during" a key cycle.
Note: If any of the above conditions are not met, it will be necessary to perform further diagnosis per SI, since other issues may be present.

If ALL of the above Conditions are met, then replace the Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC). The following parts can only be obtained through an Electronic Service Center (ESC).

Part Numbers: 15289974 (US)

15289975 (Canada/Mexico)

Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed.

Of course if there was any trouble codes, those would need to be known, and could have some relevance in the light, and possibly the chime depending.



June, 19, 2010 AT 8:26 PM

Your information about the SVS light was right on the money! That describes my vehicle's " behavior" exactly! The dealer kept telling me there were no codes in the car's system. He said he checked two types of codes, one I remember was engine codes and I don't recall what he said the other ones were. Thank you!

As for the chime, it only comes from one speaker (front passenger side) and if it is dinging and I turn the radio on, that side will continue to ding and the radio will only come out of the driver's side.
The sound is intermittent, and I would say it is a slow ding. It will last anywhere from about 5 minutes to as long as 20 minutes. At times, I have come out to my car to drive it and approaching the car I can hear it ding. When I am driving it, at times it will start dinging, it is a slow, almost methodicaly ding sound and it will get softer and sometimes even pause before continuing to ding. It never gets extremely loud, but it drives me crazy!

And yes, I often have one without the other. I have owned the Equinox 2 months now and I have heard it do it's " dinging thing" 5 times, it may have done it other times when I wasn't in the car =) I have not had both of the problems together. Yet.

All my dash lights work. When I leave my key in the ignition I will get the same ding sound but from the driver's side speaker not the passenger side speaker. The passenger side speaker only gives me the turn signals sound and this random dinging sound.

Your help is so appreciated! Thank you!



June, 20, 2010 AT 1:59 PM

The fact that the passenger side speaker is making noise, is what is puzzling. Here is the circuit description under chime malfunction; The radio generates the audible warning through the left speaker. The radio receives audible warning requests via the serial data circuit from the instrument panel cluster (IPC) or the body control module (BCM). Did the dealer research for any possible software calibration upgrades that might address. I would think that it may be a possible software issue, The other two possibilities are a fault in the radio, or body control module. At some point maybe the system thinks the vehicle is RH drive(Export Option). When you reply, include the full 17 digit VIN, and I can research a possible calibration that may address this, it will save you a trip to the dealer.



June, 22, 2010 AT 2:30 PM

Your help is so appreciated!
The Equinox's VIN is: 2CNDL23FX56123254

I don't know if the problem is with the radio, I had thought of that as a possibilty. I am getting ready to purchase a new wiring harness for a radio I had in my old vehicle that I sold to purchase the Equinox. The wiring harness is way overpriced because the " car sounds" come through the speakers not the engine. I intend to get the radio switched out in the next month or so.

The dealer just emailed me and wants me to bring the Equinox by so he can try to pull codes from the engine. I will have time later this week to get it over there.
Thank you!



June, 22, 2010 AT 11:16 PM

There is no software calibration upgrades to address your symptoms. I would not suspect the radio, it is just a medium to transfer the request to the speakers. Has anyone been able to duplicate this with a scan tool installed, I would think monitoring inputs/outputs in the IPC or BCM. If you are opting for replacement of the IPC in regards to the SVS concern, you would eliminate that module itself as a possibility.

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