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Engine Performance problem
2006 Chevy Colorado 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 50,000 miles

I just bought a thermostat and need some advice to how to get to it because it is deep on the engine in the left side. Should I go from the top, or the bottom or the side? Also should I disconnect the battery?

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Monday, March 29th, 2010 AT 7:52 PM

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Removal Procedure.

1. Drain the cooling system.
2. Raise and support the vehicle only high enough to access the thermostat housing through the wheelhouse.


3. Remove the left wheelhouse liner.
4. Postition the J 38185 to the clamp in order to remove the radiator inlet hose from the thermostat housing.
5. Remove the thermostat housing bolts.


6. Remove the thermostat housing from the engine block.
7. Clean and inspect the thermostat housing.
8. Clean and inspect the sealing surface of the engine block.

Installation Procedure

1. Position the thermostat housing to the engine block.
2. Install the thermostat housing bolts. (tighten the thermostat housing bolts to 89 lb in)
3. Postion the J 381585 to the clamp in order to connect the radiator inlet hose.
4. Install the left wheelhouse liner.
5. Lower the vehicle.
6. Fill the cooling system.
7. Inspect all sealing surfaces for leaks after starting the engine.

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