2006 Chevy Colorado Misfire

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Engine Performance problem
2006 Chevy Colorado 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 70000 miles

recently I had my colorado in for service on the check engine light. It had been on for a while and I had been having issues with the car hesitating, and even stalling out at idle. I was told that the O2 sensor was bad and needed to be replaced and that the reason was that there was a lot of carbon build up on the injectors that needed to be cleaned. I was skepticle b/c my car was in for a warranty item and that the injector cleaning was not covered and you know the reputation a dealership has with uping repair costs. I had the o2 sensor replaced and when I left the lot the engine light came back on ( I am assuming b/c of the misfire I was informed about). What are the best ways to go about this issue? Do the cleaners like techron, or lucas oil fuel treatment work?

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Monday, February 15th, 2010 AT 3:06 PM

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Inspect and test all the following listed below:

Oxygen sensor
Catalytic converter
Dirty fuel injectors (cleaning the injectors often fixes this).
Bad MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor
Bad TPS (throttle position) sensor
Bad or dirty MAF (mass airflow) sensor
Low fuel pressure (leaky fuel pressure regulator or weak fuel pump)
Vacuum leaks (intake manifold, vacuum hoses, throttle body, EGR valve)
Bad gasoline (fuel contaminated with water or too much alcohol)
Dirty or worn spark plugs
Bad plug wires
Weak ignition coil
Cap and rotor

Note:If it doesn't apply disregard.

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Monday, February 15th, 2010 AT 3:26 PM

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