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April, 12, 2007 AT 3:38 PM

Hi'ya : ) Love the discovery of this site. Thanks, for the great resource! : )

Ok. My truck is an '89 K1500 Cheyenne 4x4, with the 5.7L 350 and the NV4500 5 speed transmission. We have about 178K miles on the odometer, however, I purchased the truck in late 2005. July of '06, after my own attemted repair turned up several problems I was able to repair myself, I still ended up with the truck in the shop for clutch replacement. So. Everything from the clutch master and slave cylinders, to the throw out bearing and clutch fork.(The fork being a big culprit of the troubles I'd experienced before taking it in for repair. It was broken). All clutch components, as of last July, are brand new. My current issue is the whine that I have, through every gear except 4th. Shifting is smooth and trouble free both in and out of all my gears, but the whine is so bad. It increases in intesity with speed and it seems to travel through the shift into the next gear. Except when the shift is from 3rd to 4th. 4th gear there is absolutely no noises at all. I would like for the whole range of shifting through gears to be like 4th.
Now, last week because I was in the area, I did take the mechanic who did my clutch work out for a quick test drive to get his opinion. He recommends starting with replacing my gear oil/transmission oil. I was under the impression that this isn't a bad idea anyway to remove any metal particles from the initial break-in of the new components, so, I want to do this anyway. Due to the quiet 4th gear, I have somewhat ruled away from driveline components, such as u-joints, shaft, etc.
So. What is your take? Also, can you give me the rundown on replacing the gear oil? This is the first time I'd be doing this on a manual transmission. Always had the 4L60e auto, but I imagine the manual will be relatively easy in comparison?

Thanks again, for providing such a great site, and thank you in advance, for any and all of your insight with regard to my particular whine. Lol : mrgreen:



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April, 12, 2007 AT 5:26 PM

Real clean and easy in comparison. Bottom hole drains, top hole fills. Use GM recommended fluids



November, 11, 2008 AT 1:24 PM

Hello, I am interested in your reply to teh question below, but it got cut off. Can you sent it to me? Thanks -CRB

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