94 2.2L

1994 Chevrolet Cavalier



October, 22, 2006 AT 5:52 PM

Engine on my 94 cavalier 2.2l 4 cyl 178,000 miles
is starting to hesitate when coming uo to speed and sort of jerks and hesitates while in park. Also it has a slight backfire when idling in park. Please help.


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February, 14, 2008 AT 4:21 AM

You may not have a distributor cap, some have direct ignition straight from the coil pack to the plugs.

Anyway, mine is doing the same thing, I have done fuel filter, air filter, plugs and wires, cleaned the injectors, and it still does it.

Apparently a new O2 sensor doesn't usually help this problem.

Someone suggested checking the vacuum lines. And also that your breather is not plugged to your fuel tank, which may cause fuel supply problems (try running it with the cap off)

hope that helps

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