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I'm tring to fix my horns on "67" Camaro 45,000 miles. I put new forward harness, new horns (Delco Remy), and new horn relay. When I hooked everything up the car ran ok but the horn didn't work. When I left the car and went into the house the horn sounded off and would not go off. I took the horn button off and added new contacts, the kind you see in the book with three pieces, a flat washer type piece, a red plastic spacer type piece and the horn button adapter type piece. I took the steering wheel off and put a new spring and tit and plastic bushing it still didn't help. Everything I try the horn still sounds off as soon as I touch the battery cable to the battery. Whats wrong with my horns (Hi note & Low note)? :?
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Monday, June 12th, 2006 AT 3:59 PM

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Sounds as if you somehow --while putting in some of the repairs' have managed to inadvertently hardwared a contact to ground, hence the immediate sounding of horn upon connectiing battery. Recheck wiring and contacts and make sure that the contacts that are supposed to only be connected to ground upon demand (when push horn bar on steering wheel) have the insulating spacers so the 'hot wire' from horn is not always conncected to ground.

NOTE that I have not checked wiring diagram and memory may be incorrect meaning that maybe the wiring is reversed with horns grounded and on demand contact applying the positive contact to the horns.

Also check wiring to make sure that there are not nicks in them that let power get to ground.

If you have an ohm-meter you could use that to 'ringout' the horn circuitry without having the horns powered and knocking your ears off and destroying your thought process. Good luck
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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006 AT 7:36 AM

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