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I have a 1989 Chevy Camaro with a 2.8 V6, manual transmission, with 140,000 miles. I've had to replace the steering column twice, (tilt) because something keeps breaking inside. (Flops around, won't lock in place). I think this might be a common problem because it is next to impossible to find one.I'm told this column fits this year only. Is there a column from another year or car that I can use and fit it for this car? As long as the wiring is the same or close, I can
mechanically get it to work. Please Help!

Thursday, November 15th, 2007 AT 7:11 PM

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Is it broken or its loose
u can fix it
remove horn pad disconect electical then remove retainerand jam nut
remove steering wheel
remove shaft lock ring
remove turn signal cam then upper spring
unscrew turn signal and then gently pull wires up
and work your way down


after vremoving # 17
look inside round hole loose screws remove it lock tight on it and reinstall it
long put it can be done
good luck

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Thursday, November 15th, 2007 AT 7:49 PM

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