2000 Chevy Blazer costly repairs

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 81,000 MILES
OK, Last month my check engine light came on. I took the vehicle to a Chev. Dealership and they told me that it misfired and needed a major tune up at a cost of 800.00. They called and said both engine mounts were broken at an additional expense of 600.00 and that I should service the transmission. Total bill to pick up this vehicle worth 3000.00 was $2000.00, I drove away to experience tthe brake peddle shaking. Turned around after 7 miles and was told that the hub and bearing were out, and that the radiator was cracked. After these additional repairs, te car was vibrating (1 week later) and I was told that it needed rotors turned and brake pads. I have always had the car serviced at 3000 miles and transmission serviced at 50000 miles and no REAL problems. I have had the car back for one month now and a 100 miles from home last night I was on a 3 lane highway doing about 74MPH in cruise control when the car started a violent shake, it seemed to loose power and by the time I got it pulled over it died. I looked under the vehicle and did not see anything leaking or no smell. I tried to restart the vehicle; it started immediately but was shaking and I could hear a knocking under the hood. A few minutes later I tried the same thing, with the same results. I had the car towed ($250) to the dealership that did original repairs, but they are closed until Monday. Any ideas or suggestions? Woman neening advise!
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Saturday, November 1st, 2008 AT 2:09 PM

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I really hate to knock the dealer BUT it sounds bad to me.

First ask them for the EXACT trouble code that came up. Simply saying it had a misfire could mean a lot of different codes. If it was a random misfire in all cylinders that would mean a different solution than misfire detected in cylinder number 3. Even then a set of plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor for the 4.3 is under 200 bucks. Throw in a top end cleaning and injector cleaning and you might kill $400.00 including labor.
As for the broken mounts, I have owned 7 S-Series Blazers and have seen one broken mount! I've replaced one on a customer owned vehicle, they don't fail that much.

Hub being bad on a Blazer at 81K, Very possible, BUT for you to drive it in and not notice it before they did work on it? Not likely, they don't usually fail that fast The usual failure starts with a hum that gets louder and changes note as you turn. I have seen them go 5K miles making noise and never had brake related shaking from it. I would surmise the brake problem was a result of rust on the rotors. Not much to do but turn them and throw on a set of pads. The cracked radiator? Not sure, that isn't a common thing. Without seeing it I can't say.

The latest problem could be caused by the "tune up" they did. It could also be unrelated.
If it was me I would take it to a different BUT trustworthy independent shop (ask around and get recommendations) and have them look it over and see what they say.
Good luck.
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Monday, November 3rd, 2008 AT 11:17 AM

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