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I have a 1994 beretta w/ 3.1 v-6 auto. Spfi injection. It does start but I have been stranded twice from it dying. When it dies it will not restart. Cranks fine but won't fire. Towed car home and two hours later it started right up. Has started fine for an hour afterwards and then it did it again. Also where do I locate or identify the fuel pump relay?Have changed out fuel filter. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Sunday, May 13th, 2007 AT 3:36 PM

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I had an 88 beretta that did somthing similar. An odd trick I found that worked was shifting it from park to neutral to drive and back again. Just jiggle the thing back and forth a few times and then try it.
When that didnt start it I had to take a hammer to the starter. After taking my frustration out on it for a few minutes it started up fine. In the end it sounds like u need a new starter or maybe ur car isnt holding the proper fuel pressure. Try keying the car on just enough to engage the fuel pump, then key it off and on again a couple more times to try to build pressure. If that works (or doesnt) its prolly ur fuel pump going out

as for the fuel relay. I believe but dont quote me, (i only know basics on cars) I think the lines run on the driver side. There are two lines (aside from the brake lines) and I think its the one closer to the center of the car. I dont know how to have u test it. With mine it was easy cuz they were both rusted it out and I knew the one that squirted gas second was the relay line when I engaged the fuel pump. Kinda hillbillyish but it worked when my dad and I replaced the lines. There was prolly a lil more technicalities to it but that was 3 years ago and one of the quicker of fixes ive had to do

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 AT 10:29 PM

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