1954 Chevrolet Bel Air


Bob Riel

November, 12, 2009 AT 4:39 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1954 Chevy 210 - inline 6 cylinder 235 c. i. Manual trans - -solid lifters - 3,000

This engine ran like new only have 3,000 on it - it didn't burn oil or smoke . The problem accured right after I started the car after sitting in my garage for a month - the choke idle was a little to fast but the garage temp was about 85 - 90 degrees - I let the engine idle about 20 seconds - as I was backing out I heard a loud solid noise from the engine - I though the MOTOR cracked in half but it ran perfect and there was no weird noises or knocking - about 5 minutes later I noticed a lot of blue smoke coming out of the tail pipes everytime I steped on the gas WOW !!
Now it burns oil and smokes bad after warm up. It all I took the head off took it to a machine shop and had a complete valve job done , also it was surfaced and pressure checked - it's like new now . the compression is good in all cylinders.
Also I installed a new solid copper head gasket - torque specs and rotation is perfect
I pulled the pistons - the piston rings ,connection rods and bearings and cylinder walls are like new - I didn't see any cracks in the block
I reassemble everything ,checked compression it's perfect .
The engine still smokes bad after warmup - alot of carbon build up on the pluges and the oil is very black - the spark plugs and oil only have 160 miles . After the car cooled down I checked the oil filter - it's a quart filter but it only had 1/4 quart in it .
WHY DOES THIS 235 c. i. 6 cylinder SMOKE?????


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December, 1, 2009 AT 9:23 PM

Check your block breather, and your valve cover cap/breather, if either or both are plugged or restricted, it will build pressure in the engine, and could cause oil consumption. Also, this car has an oil bath air filter set up, and if the wrong oil weight is used, or the oil level is overfilled, it can also cause the engine to smoke. Hope this info helps. Mickey-d


Bob Riel

December, 1, 2009 AT 11:00 PM

Mickey - d
Thank you for your feed back . You mentioned the block breather might be pluged - would that be the same as the Blow by tube if so I did check it - I took the oil pan off and checked inside the block everything looks new - also the valve cover has slits on top and they are clear and the blow

by tube is clear
The engine only has 3,000 miles on it and it never did burn oil or smoke until I heard that backfire noise from the engine - the block has .040 bore - I took the pistons out and checked the chrome rings and cylinders they looked new but I installed new cast iron rings anyway
The rings have less than 200 miles on them now - the engine runs good but when it warms up it smokes and fouls all spark plugs and burns oil - 40 miles it will use 1/2 Qt. . No smoke comes out of the blow by tube or valve cover even with the oil fill cap removed
Could the oil filter return line be pluged? if so which line is it ? the one on top or the one the bottom of the filter ?
This is a tuff one any feed back would be very much appreicated - thanks mickey



April, 21, 2014 AT 10:41 PM

If you have stp to instal rings the rings will never seat or Lucas oil. Hop this. Helps b w

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