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April, 7, 2007 AT 12:21 PM

95 Chevy astro/4.3 l with 111K and the coolant never gets hot. Max temp is about 120 f. Both on the gauge and with a thermometer in the radiator cap opening. I have too much anti-freeze to water ratio about 70% and wondering perhaps a small leak into the intake or combustion area. I noticed a slight hesitation/miss upon acceleration usually up a hill. If I put my hand by the tailpipe, my hand feels a bit damp and sticky like antifreeze, though coolant loss is quite mimimal-1 qt per 2-3k miles. Any suggestions are much appreciated!


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March, 24, 2015 AT 11:29 AM

Sorry for the late reply.

As far as the engine temp. I'd have to check your thermostat, Go from there. Our info says thermostat starts to open at 188 degrees F, fully open at 206 degrees F.

I realize this is an old post. You probably no longer own this vehicle. In the future hope you don't have any vehicle issues, but, if you do, keep the site in mind. They are always working trying to make the site better and it's free to ask a question.

Have a good day.

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