Does $10.00 get info on Astro bad valve job

Receipt# 0211-5160-8301-4779
'95 Chevy Astro conversion van w/115,000 miles oil changes approx 3000 mi/no oil burn. Lost the s-belt, engine got to 240-250F after overheat, water out the tail pipe but no H2O in oil I needed head gaskets replaced. Verbal estimate from Exact Auto was $800.
Shop called after heads were removed to say, carbon build-up on valve seats needed to be removed, agreed to valve job@$240 recommended tune up no price and when I went to pick it up, over $1500 due.
Weeks later I started to notice blue smoke at start up then later after idling at stop lights it would smoke for short time but not while driving. 2000 miles later, I had lost 4 quarts of oil and egxaust manifold was loose.
Had the running engine torn down by ASE cert engine tech at Automasters who said valve seats cut but seals and guides not replaced or ground, also noticed heavy oil fouling of plugs. Head bolts were unevenly torqued as well as bearing and crank damage to bottom end from low oil. Cylinder walls are smooth and oil and compression rings holding pressure
What is correct "Valve job" and was mine done wrong?
Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, June 1st, 2007 AT 12:12 PM

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A correct valve job consistes of many things. Grinding seats and valves, if they are ok and do not need replacing. Measuring the valve stem to giude clearance, taking appropriate action if they are out of spec. Measuring installed valve spring height and seat pressure of the spring, and spring pressure at a prescribed valve lift. Installing new guides and I personally hand-lap the valves in to be sure they are seated properly. But none of this should be done unless the head pressure tests OK and has been surfaced
Was this
Friday, June 1st, 2007 AT 5:27 PM

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