1991 Chevy Astro Power Steering and Brakes connected?

Steering problem
1991 Chevy Astro Engine Size unknown All Wheel Drive Automatic 270000 miles

I'm guessing the power steering and brakes draw fluid from the same place in my 91 chev astrovan.

My power steering started to go because of a leak. I would add power steering fluid every few days. Now my ABS and Brake lights are on. My steering has become super stiff and the brakes feel soft when I press on the pedal (van doesn't stop as fast as it should). Granted, I should've had it checked when it first happened.
My question is: How do I get my power steering and my brakes back to normal? What would be the approx cost to fix/replace?
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Thursday, March 27th, 2008 AT 12:35 PM

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I think you have a vacuum booster on that, not run by the steering, if both warning lights are lit, you are low on brake fluid, and possibly have a leak. If you have ever mistakenly put steering fluid in the master cylinder, you will have to replace all rubber parts in the brake system, and flush the steel lines with alcohol or brakkleen. Check the fluid level and condition, you may have contaminated fluid, put some fluid from the master in a cup of water, swirl, it should turn milky white, with no oil beads floating on top. If any beads, the fluid is contaminated with oil or tranny fluid! This would require the replacement of ALL rubber brake parts, calipers, Master, wheel cylinders and hoses, then you would need to flush the steel lines with alcohol or brakekleen. If the test is normal, get some brass plugs, and remove the steel lines at the Master, install and tighten the plugs, does the pedal behave normally? If not replace the Master. If it does pump up and remain high, your leak is in a caliper or wheel cylinder.
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Thursday, March 27th, 2008 AT 2:04 PM

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