CD will not eject from player

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How do I retrieve a CD stuck in player?
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Monday, September 28th, 2015 AT 9:58 AM

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There are a few different CD mechanism designs, and most of them will be damaged if force is used to remove a CD. You're going to be tied to the dealership and their two grossly-over-priced repair centers. They stopped allowing us to buy their radio service manuals after 1994 because they wanted to lock up all that lucrative repair business for themselves. Now, starting with some 2002 models, the Body Computer is built into the radio and is the main computer that tells all the other dozens of computers when to turn on. If you damage the radio, you can lose the cruise control, chime, wipers, and even have an engine that won't start.

The only thing you can do is tap lightly on the face plate when pressing the "eject" switch. Sometimes a lever will stick, and the light tapping will free it. This can only work if you hear some noise or indication the mechanism is responding when you press the switch.

If the disc comes out part way and is sluggish or moves slowly, the rubber roller may be getting hard and losing it's grip. As a last resort to try to save a big repair bill, with the disc out, you can slide in a strip of very fine sandpaper, and once it triggers the mechanism to draw a disc in, slide that paper left and right to sand every part of the roller. The paper should be about 2" wide, then folded in half. The paper should reach in no more than about and inch or to where you feel it being tugged in. Don't let go of the paper because if it goes all the way in, you'll never get it back out.

The drawback of this "fix" is the sand particles can land on the guide rails for the laser sled. That can make it stick and cause intermittent skipping.
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Monday, September 28th, 2015 AT 3:30 PM

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