Car keeps stalling and not starting and staying on

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I have a 2000 VW Golf 2.0L, it has been starting than shut off. When I turn it on sometimes I have to push the gas pedal and get my car moving for it to stay on. While I'm driving I will push on the gas pedal and it will feel like no gas is entering my engine my car slows I can't do anything and it will die, battery light comes on, and it slows to a stop. But ill wait a minute or two it will start up and drive, even sometimes while still moving I turn it back on and it works. I took it to a shop and had a diagnostic test on it, 14 codes came up. They are:
P0171 Fuel Trim B1 System too lean
P1255 Coolant temp sensor short with ground
P0341 XML=>sensor G40 not a plausible signal
P1500 Fuel pump relay (v17) electrical malfunction
P1225 injector 1-N30 short with ground
P1226 injector 2-N31 short with ground
P1227 injector 3-N32 short with ground
P1228 injector 4-N33 short with ground
P1425 evaporate purge valve (N80) short to ground
P1472 evaporate leak detected pump short to ground
P0102 MAF sensor (G70) signal too low
P0135 B151 Heating Circuit Malfunction
P0141 B152 heating circuit malfunction
The mechanic looked throught the car to see if a wire was grounded. He hasn't checked wires under battery. I need to pass emissions in a month. There codes where:
P0102 mass or colume air flow circuit low input
P0171: System too lean ( bank 1)
P0341: Camshaft position sensor circuit range/performance
P1225: manufacturer specific code
P1226: manufacturer specific code
P1227: manufacturer specific code
OBDII Results:
Engine misfire: ready
catalytic converter: not ready
secondary air: unsupported
Heated O2 sensor: ready
Fuel system: ready
Heated catalyst: unsupported
Ac refrigerant: unsupported
EGR flow: unsupported
Comprhensive: ready
Evap control: not ready
O2 sensor: ready
I need help. One person said that off the codes it's a wiring problem the other said its a computer problem. What is it! Can someone help. What do I do?
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Friday, April 26th, 2013 AT 4:04 PM

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The issue with it stalling and loss of power could be the fuel pressure. There are other codes which would confirm this.
Did you buy the car anywhere near New Orleans or somewhere after a hurricane? I ask because you have so many electrical problems it sounds like a flood car. Flood cars are bought at auctions by dealer and often the information about it having sat in water for days does not make it on the report.
Otherwise, There are so many electrical problems it does sound like the main computer and possibly the Engine computer, ECM, is bad as well.
There are a few things you can check. Get a multi-meter or test light and with the car running or the key in the, "RUN" position, test each injector to see if it is indeed getting 12 volts. If the A/C that is a sign as well as all the injectors having power that the computer(ECU or ECM), is bad. Also check the exhaust for leaks near the oxygen sensors. The catalytic converter coming up with a code can be checked pretty easily. Just whack it with your hand or a rubber mallet and listen for loose material and look for cracks.
If you find that all or most of the aforementioned things seem to be okay, this is further evidence that the ECU, or ECM is bad.
You can have them rebuilt for around $300.00+ and the EDM should even be cheaper. You can use the website to help find a ECU rebuilder near you. The site already knows the area you live in. So, just type in ECU into the search engine. Look at the banner ads and you will see that they are ECU re-builders near you.
You have so many issues, if you have owned it for a while it seems that the ECU is bad. An ECU shop should be able to test both your ECM and ECU. You have so many issues I can't think of anything rather than that or it has been in a flood.

Let me know if you need further help. My Fiancé is sick and sometime, right now, it may be in the evening before I reply to you. But since I know you are working on it I will check it as soon as possible so we can get you on the road.


Sr. Cranknwrench
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Friday, April 26th, 2013 AT 9:41 PM
You have more than one issue. The "short to ground" codes are due to a faulty Fuel Pump Relay.

The cam & crank codes are due to a timing belt that is out a tooth or two.

Replace the fuel pump relay, clear the codes and see what comes back.

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 AT 1:30 PM
Thanks exovcds. You are the true Volkswagen expert and your input is always helpful and welcome. Thanks again and look for me on the next tough Volkswagen question.
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Sunday, August 11th, 2013 AT 3:59 AM

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