Can you do an alignment when radius arm bushing are bad

  • 1995 FORD RANGER
  • 2WD
  • 200 MILES
Took my car to a shop for an alignment after leaving the shop and within the course of three months I've noticed my steering is worse than before and my truck is now making a dragging sound and kind of feels like my tire is going to fall off when I make a turn as well as some wear on my tires. My usual mechanic investigates and finds that the front radius arm bushings were completely shot and then said you can't align a car when the bushings are bad. And further that the person doing the alignment would be able to tell that there was a problem. Can anyone verify this with their experience?
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Friday, January 11th, 2019 AT 12:43 PM

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Good afternoon.

No, you cannot align it with bad bushings. The geometry would be totally off and it will not hold an alignment.

Your other shop just wanted your money for the alignment and send you on your way.

They need to be replaced and then re aligned.


1. Loosen axle pivot bolt and upper shock absorber pivot bolt and compress shock.

Radius Arm Replacement. 4x4 Models
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2. Remove nut and washer attaching radius arm to radius arm bracket. Remove outer insulator and spacer, Fig. 20.
4. Move radius arm and axle assembly forward out of radius arm bracket. Remove inner insulator and retainer.
5. Reverse procedure to install. Tighten upper shock bolt, Disconnect stabilizer bar from front I-beam axle assembly, if equipped.
6. Remove axle to frame pivot bracket bolt and nut. Remove axle.
7. Reverse procedure to install.
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Friday, January 11th, 2019 AT 1:28 PM

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