1994 Cadillac STS



December, 4, 2007 AT 7:13 AM

Suspension problem
1994 Cadillac SRX - STS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 187000 miles

GM has designed a bushing used at top and bottom of the rear wheel knuckle assy, supporting the control arms, these like all rubber parts wear out, But are apparently are not serviceable, one must buy a complete assy from GM, in order to replace a low cost part of that assy that will and does wear out. My question is, has any one out there, like MOOG, I love there Problem solver line of parts, has anyone found a solution to this timed release part failure. I have in the past, and may still redisigned many, many things on many makes, to make one of the best cars on the road, still be on the road.
" Timed Release Part Failure" a growing trend
Dave W sr a Frustrated Mechanic ( my own car)

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December, 4, 2007 AT 7:56 AM

I havent heard of anything specific, but you might want to try Googling it. Had 3 places tell me bushings for an old Fairlane were obsolete, went online and found them in 30 seconds. Might want to try energy suspension. Or if you can get a new one and measure the bushing, call an aftermarket Co. And give them dimensions, maybe they could help that way



December, 5, 2008 AT 5:20 PM

We have the Cadillac rear knuckle bushing replacement ! They are

Automotive Grade OE Parts ... don't accept less !!

What you and a great many other Cadillac owners are feeling is not bad

shocks, alignment or tires. It's rear knuckle Bushings.

Don't replace the entire knuckle when you can just replace the bushing !

$199.00 +shipping does both sides upper and lower. Or buy just the

Upper Bushings for $ 119.00 +shipping !

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Last Shot Auto Parts LLC

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