2000 Cadillac DTS Power Windows

  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 151,000 MILES
I just purchased a 2000 DTS. None of the windows will operate. The fuse checked out to be good. What can be the cause? Or where can I get a pw wiring schematic? No control works on any of the doors to include door locks, mirror ect.
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Saturday, June 5th, 2010 AT 9:19 PM

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Do the door lock switches on any of the other doors make any noise, cycling of actuators? My initial thought is you have a communications issue, that may stem from the drivers door switch, or module. First check would be for trouble codes. You can enter diagnostics by pressing and holding info up, and on/off together. A brief segment check will signal the entry to diagnostics, and the info center will display ALL. From here you can use the info button to scroll modules alphabetically, but instead press on/off again, and it should display ALL CODES. Press on/off again and record the codes that are displayed. Be prepared, there may be alot, and there are approximately 22 modules that should report. We are concerned at this point with DDM(drivers door module), PDM(passengers " "), LRDM(left rear door), and RRDM(right rear). There may also be DDS(drivers door switch). Record what codes are present, also be aware that if a module is not communicating it may display XXX NO DATA(XXX representing the respective module). There may also be a condition if a module is not communicating, it may not display at all. To the untrained eye, you would not even know it is supposed to be there. Try the above first and report the codes. At that point you may be able to disconnect both battery cables, and touch them together for a minute or two, reconnect them and see if operation changes. Gather up as much symptoms as possible, specifically if it is just all windows, all operations from the drivers door, or all operations from all doors. If it was just all windows from all doors, there is a diagnostic process to follow. Since at first it is all operations from all doors, there seems to be several circuits that are theoretically involved. I haven't found through research, what would tie them all together.
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Monday, June 7th, 2010 AT 9:57 PM

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