1999 Buick Lesabre Directional signal light turn off (after

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 120,000 MILES
The right hand turn signal will not turn off after making a right-hand turn. I know this is a mechanical problem & not electrical, but how do I remove the steering column parts to get to the signal light turn-off mechanism?

Thankyou very much in advance.
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Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 AT 9:15 AM

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The problem is in the switch itself. There is a spot that hits the steering wheel to turn it off.

As far as the steering wheel, if you are not familiar with dealing with air bags, I recommend having it replaced by a mechanic. The air bag can be deployed if the wrong items are touched. Before you start working on it, make sure the battery is disconnected for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Here are the directions:

1. If equipped, disable the SIR system, as outlined in of this repair guide.
2. If not already done, disconnect the negative battery cable.
3. Remove the steering wheel and the shroud.
4. Remove the inflation restraint (air bag module) coil assembly-to-steering shaft lock screw (home boss) and retaining ring. Remove the coil assembly from the shaft and allow it to hang freely.

5. Position a suitable lock plate compression tool on the end of the steering shaft and compress the lock plate by turning the shaft nut clockwise. Pry the wire snapring out of the shaft groove.
6. Remove the tool, then lift the lock plate from the shaft.
7. Remove the canceling cam, upper bearing preload spring, bearing seat and inner race from the shaft.
8. Position the turn signal switch in the right turn position. Remove the turn signal lever screw, then remove the lever.
9. Remove the turn signal switch by performing the following steps:
A. Remove the switch-to-steering column screws, then pull the switch out and allow it to hang freely.
B. From under the dash, remove the retainer spring and wiring protector.
C. Remove the hazard knob.
D. Detach the electrical connector from the lower steering column, then gently pull the wiring connector through the gear shift lever bowl, the column housing and the lock housing cover. Remove the switch.

Let me know if this helps.
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Monday, November 23rd, 2009 AT 8:28 AM

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