2000 BMW 528 fanclutch

  • 2000 BMW 528
Engine Cooling problem
2000 BMW 528 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

how to uninstale a fan clutch? Pleas
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Note the radio security code and disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove the radiator trim cover fasteners. The fasteners may be a combination of two types, self-tapping screws and a two piece button styled rivet which are removed by using a trim panel tool to first extract the locking pin, and then removing the rivet.
With the fasteners removed, lift the trim cover off.
On 6-cylinder models:
Remove the alternator cooling hose.
If installed, remove the rubber gaiter near the washer solvent reservoir.
On 4-cylinder models, locate the fresh air duct locking clip tucked behind the right headlight assembly and release the clip by pulling upward. Then remove the engine fresh air intake duct by sliding the duct outward and up
On models equipped with a water pump mounted, belt driven cooling fan:
Support the water pump pulley using Tool No. 11 5 030 or by using a suitable sized, thin gooseneck pliers.
Using Tool No. 11 5 040 or a 32mm (1 1/4 inch) open end wrench loosen the fan coupling nut by turning it clockwise.
The fan clutch water pump coupling is a left hand thread.
Remove the lock pins from the upper fan shroud rivets on the upper corners of the fan shroud and carefully press the center of the fan cowl backwards to release the guide clip.
Carefully lift both the fan shroud and fan assembly together, upward and away from the radiator.
Matchmark the cooling fan to the fan coupling and remove the fan from the coupling by removing the three fasteners.

Before installing the fan, check the condition of the drive belts and coolant hoses. Replace if brittle, damaged or worn.
Inspect the condition of the fan clutch and replace if excessively loose or damaged.
Make sure the cooling fan is properly attached to the fan clutch.
Place both the cooling fan and shroud into the engine compartment together, making sure the shroud seats in its lower retainers securely.
Install the upper fan shroud rivets to secure the fan shroud.
Install the fan and fan clutch assembly onto the water pump spindle, rotating the fan clutch spindle nut counterclockwise to install.
The water pump spindle threads for the cooling fan and fan clutch assembly are left hand threads, therefore the fan clutch assembly must be rotated counterclockwise to install. As there is a minimum amount of clearance between the water pump and the radiator, turning the spindle nut for the fan clutch assembly when installing it onto the water pump spindle may be difficult.
To assist with the installation of the fan clutch assembly, use a piece of thin, sturdy string about 3 feet (1 meter) long. Wind the string around the fan clutch mounting nut in a clockwise direction 15-20 revolutions, leaving about 6 inches (150mm) of string unwound. Position the fan clutch nut onto the water pump spindle squarely, and while holding the fan, slowly pull the string to spin the fan clutch nut in a counterclockwise direction. Once the nut begins to thread onto the water pump spindle, remove the remainder of the string.
Support the water pump pulley using Tool No. 11 5 030 or by using a suitable sized, thin gooseneck pliers.
Tighten the fan clutch nut counterclockwise as follows:
Using tool No. 11-5-040: 22 ft. Lbs. (30 Nm)
Without tool No. 11-5-040: 29 ft. Lbs. (40 Nm)

The balance of the installation is in reverse order of assembly, making sure to verify proper operation of the cooling fan.

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