2001 BMW 318 problem with indicators going off intermitten

  • 2001 BMW 318
2001 BMW 318 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Could you please advise whether the is a problem with the flasher unit, if so where is it located. I could not find it under the bonnet in the the fuse box.

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Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 AT 4:38 PM

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Before I can help you.

1. Do you mean signals (turn?) If not, what are you talking about.
2. What exactly is the problem?

As far as, if you're looking for a fuse somewhere in the car, most cars have (2) fuse boxes, minimum. One, under the hood, handles most of the high-current circuitry, and fuses for relayed circuits, as well as circuits which do not pass into the passenger compartment.

Most other fuses are found inside the passenger compartment, in a separate fuse box. I've seen them all over, but usually either by the driver's seat (a panel on the side of the dash where the door closes in my '95 Pontiac, a panel under the dash in my '95 mazda, and my '87 Formula had it in the glove compartment on the passenger side).

Sadly, I am not 100% familiar with the newer BMW's or the 318's, but I would guess the second fuse box might be somewhere around there. Once again, though, what exactly is wrong with the car?

- Jake R @ WVU
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Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 AT 5:28 PM

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